Monday, June 16, 2008

Long and busy weekend

Good morning all, it's Mon again. Boy, does time fly. Time seems to have just buzzed by and I'm trying to remember some detail for Fri. I think there was a storm, but can't remember. Seems there's been lots of storms lately. We definitely are not in a drought now.

Dh came home a bit early on Fri and somewhat surprised us all. But I believe there was a storm happening so I was kind of glad. It didn't last long though. Dh was tired. He came in and sat on the couch and rested. I was getting dinner ready. After dinner, I took the kids out Father's Day shopping. We had tried to do it on Mon, but that was when all the main roads were closed and I just didn't want to drive out in all the madness. So we took off and did a quick shopping spree. I think we did pretty good. Once we came home, we found dh outside by the garden. Seems he was being polite so we could take the gifts upstairs. He also seemed a bit happier. He was working on Elder's Quorum stuff. We also found out that the church had called and they needed men volunteers to help unload some big trucks with cleaning supplies for flood victims. They were to arrive AT the church at 5:30 A.M. to help unload. Not sure why so early, but dh and R decided to both go. I woke R up and then went and cuddled on the couch. Dh said told me to go back to bed and they would lock up. So I proceeded to go back to sleep upstairs.

I fell back to sleep quite easily until S joined me. And that was even ok until she decided to roll over me a few times. Finally around 7 the phone rings and since I'm figuring the guys are still gone, I should get up and see who's calling. Once I was downstairs I see that dh is already home. He says it's probably someone from church calling. Not sure why no message, but oh well.
Later that morning, I find dh asleep on the couch. He was tired from getting up so early and then helping with the truck. R was at the computer. He is used to getting up early. In fact as I sit here at the computer, I'm suprised at the times that he's still sleeping. Anyway, we let him snooze. S came down around 7:30, drank her chocolate milk, then fell back to sleep. Thank goodness, because I was trying to start my talk that I had to give on Sun. So started in getting that started. Got over halfway and got interrupted.

Later on in the morning, I showered and then the girls were up. Dh was still snoozing on the couch. Unfortunately some children, somewhere in the neighborhood were making noises. Thankfully it was 9, but it woke dh up. He got up and decided to get breakfast, so the girls were able to watch a video with their breakfast. After I showered I mentioned to dh about looking at swingsets before heading to lunch. So after getting ourselves ready we head off. Dh makes a surprise visit at one of the Walmarts to make sure of the patio furniture I want. We then head off to a local hardware store that also sells swing sets. After deciding what we want we're looking for wood. The saleman tells us the type of wood most families use will have to be ordered. We're not that picky, but decide to look into the other stuff. As we do, we realize that the swingset package we want, the saleman can't find on their computer. So we leave.

It's lunch, and while we're eating, dh is checking his black berry to find their website. He finds the set and checks the price. I'm liking it better than the ones I had looked at a few weeks ago. We decide to think on it for the weekend and pick up groceries. By this time, dh is starting to get sore from all the volunteer work him and R did that morning. So after getting our food we head home.

The girls are wanting to go swimming, but it's just not warm enough. They want to try out the new pool dh has bought. It seems that last 2 Sat they have gone in the pool, it has stormed. Thankfully this Sat it's just little rain, but it clears up soon but has cooled off.

The rest of the day goes and nothing really exciting. I get the kids ready for bed that evening and then I continue working on my talk. I also need to finish the program, but it's looking almost finished. Finally I finish the talk and the program. It's now 11:45 p.m. and I'm tired. Dh and I both head off to bed.

Sun comes and I'm just anxious to get my talk over with. It's also Father's Day, so I fix a nice breakfast of pancakes and orange juice. The kids are anxious to have some, so I check and let dh know we're ready to start. After prayer, he warms up the bacon that I had forgotten about. Breakfast was good and dh was happy.

Now it's time to start getting ready for church. Once we're all ready, it's 11:30 and we head off. Dh has an early meeting before hand and I need to run copies of the program as well. I'm a bit nervous as I've got a special cover as well. But dh helps and after a few goofs, I get it done. Soon church is starting and I'm up on the stand wishing my part were done. I'm not a good public speaker. After all the sacrament and announcements are done, the primary comes up to sing to the father's. Then it's my time. I actually did pretty good considering that after practising once more, I had forgotten to print out the edited version of my talk so I had to adlib.

After church we head home for dinner. I find out that thankfully the men got a gift after all. I'm sure glad because usually the men don't. and I don't consider this fair. After dinner we give dh his gifts. I think he was starting to be really sore again, but was trying to be happy with the gift giving. The kids were excited and did well. Dh was happy with everything, but tired. We had cake that I had made and then S and I went for a walk.

The rest of the evening was quiet. S watched a few videos, R and N & dh were doing computer stuff. Bedtime came, everyone was tired. S went down much quicker than normal. Guess the walk helped. Later it was our bedtime and we were both exhausted. Happy Father's B(dh's name).


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