Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've been gotten

Tues was just a regular day. The sky was again, blue and the sun shone. The temps were a little bit cooler than normal. 55 in the morning. But still a nice day. I had the chance to shower early so I did. S was still snoozing on the couch, R was on the computer and N was eating breakfast watching school video. Once I was down we started our morning. Everything went mostly well. Of course the kids are always going to not agree on somethings, but over all the day went well.

Later on afer lunch I let the girls go outside in the pool. I didn't think it was warm enough, but in the direct sun they said it was. Thankfully they found spot and played for over an hr. Thank goodness because I was then able to take care of the meat we bought the other day. Usually it takes me several days to get the meat put into bags to freeze. But for some reason I just felt like I needed to get it done.

Then dh pulled up home early. He's done that twice now. Guess you take advantage of this type of thing when you can, considering that lately he's been working over time with no extra pay lately. So I think him coming home early is just fine.

I then had N take a shower since last night was her last daddy/daughter event with the F.I.G program. They were going to be using their GPS systems to find a treasure. Apparently they had fun. Or at least according to N they did. Anyway, then it was R's turn for shower and then we ate. Soon after we left for the church for the kids' activities. S stayed with me to teach signing while the other two did their thing.

Just before my class started, one of the R.S. counselors that's in charge of lesson in class, sat next to me to chat. She had brought one of my students with her since she can't drive. She starts chatting and next thing I know she's asking me if I would be willing to teach class on Sun. YIKES!! ME? Teach other WOMEN my own age and older?! I'd been GOTTEN. Oh wow! I said sure. We'll see how it turns out lol. I told her I had been asked a few other times, but managed to get out of it somehow. Not this time. lol

Once the classes were over with we were just hanging out when bishop asked to speak to dh. So around 8:40 they were gone in his office. So we just hung out in the foyer for awhile, talking with friends. Then by 9 everyone had left but us. So the church was quiet. S was still pumped up and wanting everyone's attention that walked by. Thankfully they were able to get past and still make a 4yr happy.

Around 9:30 bishop and dh were done, but we were pretty much the only ones left. S was finally settled and the rest of us just as tired. Got home, family prayer and into bed for the kids. It's now 10pm and mom and dad are tired, so need to get the last of the kids into bed. Now it's quiet time till bedtime. Today R will be doing his volunteer work at the library, and so while he's gone the girls and I will go to Walmart and do some shopping. But until then I need to get R up so he'll have time online and get breakfast before he has to be there. Always a fun thing to do especially after a busy Tues evening.


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