Friday, June 13, 2008

More storms ::sigh::

Yesterday started out good. Nice and sunshiny. We said goodbye to dh as he went to work, then proceeded to start out day. The kids did pretty well. I had to shower so R worked on his math while N read to S. She ended up reading to her for an hr. That was fine since it added points to her reading program. Then I had N do some online grammar and spelling while S and I went outside for her to play. She needed to get out.

In the meantime dh and I are emailng each other in regards to the measurements of the backyard for a possible new swingset. I'm not good at guessing what measurements when someone gives them to me in written form. Verbally say what you mean then it makes it a bit easier. I tried understanding his directions, but apparently I didn't measure the right way. Plus the tape measure broke so we had to stop,

At this point it's time for lunch so all the kids want to stop school. I let them knowing they will be doing more after lunch. So we get lunch going and S asks me "mom, can we go in the new pool today"? Dh bought a new blow up pool and the girls are anxious to use it. I say sure after R gets it blown up. He did and they immediately start putting water in it. Well wouldn't you know, as soon as we start adding water we get storm clouds again. N wants to come in immediately so I say sure. S wants to stay out and play, so I tell her fine for just a min. But after she sees it's trying to rain she decides staying inside is better.

After a bit we start seeing lots of rain cloud and a bit of thunder. I tell the kids we have one more school item to do before I let them go. I have borrowed a history curriculum from a friend and want the kids to listen to it. It's a man telling the history of how things started in the world, in story form. It does take a bit of listening to get into it, but once you do, it's pretty interesting. I told the kids we need to listen to it for about 15 min each day that we're able to. Which is pretty good since it seems that will be 1 chapter.

During the time I'm deciding that I'm probably not going to go to Enrichment since the storm clouds are getting darker and the weather reports are stating flood watch and in some areas tornado watch. Later on I get a phone call from the R.S. Pres, asking if I can do her a favor. She wants to know if I can pick up a sister and take her with me to the meeting. I tell her I'm still deciding due to the weather reports. She realizes she isn't aware of this and says ok. Later on I get a call from another sister telling me that Enrichment has been cancelled and could I inform my companion and our sisters. So I do. Few min later my visiting teacher calls. I tell her I know, but thanks so much for calling me. So I guess that decision got made for me.

Earlier in the day I phoned a friend who lives in Madison. I had phoned them on Sat when we were in the midst of our first big storm. I had to end the conversation due to dh needing help. So I decided to call again under better circumstances. She understood. She's very sweet and we agree on religion, education AND politics. So needless to say we enjoy chatting quite a bit.
As I'm getting the kitchen cleaned up later on in the late afternoon I see dh drive up. Not surprised since the storm was supposed to get worse. I'm just glad he's home. I feel much safer.

He settles in and soon snoozes a bit on the couch. I get dinner ready. Pretty simple since I had planned on eating at the church meeting. I let the kids watch a ton more videos due to the storm. I wanted the girls to keep their mind off of it. Unfortunately S was getting nervous and started having several accidents. Finally after her 3rd one I said "if you need to go pee, but don't want to go by yourself, just let mommy know." She finally started letting me know and she stayed dry after that. She must have been pretty nervous because she had to go potty MANY times more than normal. I asked her if she wanted me to cuddle with her and she said yes.

So the rest of the evening was spent settling children down knowing that with the storm system being all evening and night that our night was going to be long. We ended up with N in our bed from 10:30 till 3am when the storm had a lul. S came in shortly afterwards and wanted to cuddle. Around 3 I put them both back to bed. My alarm went off around 6 as I could hear S calling for me. She was headed down the stairs to find me. I called to her and put her back. So now I'm up with R doing my stuff while the girls sleep. I'm guessing that N will be very tired. S will hopefully sleep till 8 but we'll see. Just hoping for a quieter day today.


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