Friday, June 6, 2008

Rough morning yesterday

Thurs morning around 4 we woke to a thunderstorm. No biggie except it brings in our 2 dd's to sleep with us. Again, no biggie. I went back to sleep until 5:30 since I think S was pushing on me or something. So I put both girls back to bed since the storm seems to have subsided. I go downstairs and find R already online. Not a surprise. As we sit online, we both hear the thunder get louder and more often. The rain is pouring and coming down harder. I look at the weather radar and it shows powerful thunderstorms headed here. I do manage to get my thoughts down on my journal and am skimming around when oldest dd N comes around the corner. She has finally heard all the thunder and is now awake. That's fine since it's now 7. About 10 min later, with the storm all around us, the power goes out with no warning. This means no computer.

Well, it's a bit dark, so I ask both my kids if they're ok. They are, but surprised. We head into the frontroom to find a flash light. Found one and we then decide to just sit on the couch in the frontroom. It's much brighter in there. I check around the corner upstairs and see that dh is in the shower. It doesn't seem to bother him to be in the shower with lights out. So life just continues for us. He does eventually come downstairs and chat with us before going to work. He reminds me not to play with the fridge door. I tell him I'm aware of that, but thank him for the reminder. He then proceeds to head to the door and realizes that with no electricity, the garage door won't work. So we have to find the keys to the garage to manually open the door. Finally find them and he gets the door open.

Finally youngest dd S wakes up with enough light now that she's fine. We explain to her that there is a storm happening right now and that the power is out. Thankfully we have a portable DVD player and N is using that to watch a DVD. Well at the morning progresses, the storm lessons. So I call the power company to at least let them know of our location and see how the work is doing. Very nice people. We finally get power restored at 11:30. About 4hrs later. It sure makes you appreciate the power when we do have it. We realized just how much we depend on it. Most of R's school work is done online.

We also get a call from a local cement guy who might be willing to fix our porch and do a patio for us. Nice guy. Sounds like a good price quote from the guy. Our next door neighbor recommended him to us, so we'll see what happens. We'll probably get it done sometime in the next 2 weeks...I hope lol.

The rest of the day was just regular day, except no one wanted to do serious school. So I guess another day is gone with not much to show for. We did try and do some stuff, but not what I wanted. Guess I'll just have to keep plugging along. And this morning it's showing another round of thunderstorms headed our way. But at least it's during the day so not as scary for the girls. And dh and I can get some sleep. lol The father and son campout is tonight, but dh and R are just planning on going for the evening. Lately, all they've done is an activity in the evening, bedtime, then after breakfast everyone leaves. Apparently they've tried planning things for in the morning, but most of the dads say they have chores and errands to do so they have to leave. Kind of sad since this is one evening specifically for the dad's to spend time with just their sons and other dad's and sons. Oh well, at least dh and R can go for the evening unless the weather says otherwise.


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