Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's too early

It's 5:25 am on a Thurs morning. I'm up ONLY because R has to be to a McD's by 6am and wanted to have a bit of computer time before he leaves. He is going on a church encampment for 3 days. He's really not wanting to go, and both dh and I understand, but sometimes you just have to do what you don't want to do. He'll probably have some fun. Anytime he does something, or goes somewhere he doesn't want to, he comes home with all kinds of things to tell us.

Yesterday dh instructed him to practice putting up our big tent since he would be using it at the campout and should practice. It took him awhile, but once he figured it out, it went pretty smoothly. Dh said he did a god job. That made R very happy.

Speaking of yesterday, our day was the normal Wed now. Take dh to work, come home and have R shower. Take R to the library so he can do his volunteer stuff for a few hrs. The girls and I came home and straightened up a bit. Then they went outside and played. I eventually showered and cleaned up a bit. We also had an early lunch so that when we got home, we could just leave for the park. Then we headed to the library, picked up a few videos and then went upstairs to get R. This time he was ready to leave so we checked out the videos and left.

Once we got home, we had a few min before we had to leave. The girls took advantage and played outside for a bit. Then we left. I told R about setting up the tent while we were gone. He actually did so I was happy. Once we got to the park, I saw an old friend I haven't seen since last yrs park day. Due to health reasons, she has chosen to put her girls into a private school. She says they are doing well, but she's definitely noticed the difference in attitude with the girls. Imagination is dwindling, and their friends from school just don't seem to know how to make believe. But then, we as homeschoolers, have been aware of this for awhile. Sad, but true for a lot of public schoolers.

We were there for over 2 hrs. Another 2 moms who haven't been to park days, showed up so we choose to stay for a bit longer. It was hard to leave even at that, but we had time commitments. Got home and found R still putting up the tent. I had called him a few times while at the park and he was in the process of putting it together. Anyway, he did good.

Around 4:30 left to pick up dh from work. Trip was uneventful and then we arrived home. Got dinner finished since dh had a meeting and we needed to possibly watch the children of one of the men. Just sat down to eat when they arrived. I ended up eating much later. Went outside to watch the kids. These children are cute, but I would never want them in my home to play. So we played on the swingset the whole time. Finally after a bit, one of the children decided she wanted to go inside and play. I told her there really wasn't much to play with inside, but that we could go for a walk. She liked that idea. So off we start on our walk, only to have dh whistle that the meeting was over with. I think the father saw us going for the walk and dh choose to end the meeting. That's ok.

I then went inside, finished my dinner while dh and R finished his packing. The girls went off and played ball and swinging. It was a nice evening and since it stays light longer, we didn't even get ready for bed until 9. But at least S was good when bedtime came and she feel right to sleep. I then let R and N read for a bit. N misses R when he's gone so I wanted to give her some extra time with him. He won't be gone that long, but she likes their bedtime reading. Dh will probably come upstairs and let her read while he reads.

I, too, miss R when he's gone, but having housework and the girls keeps me busy. And today dh has the day off, so we'll probably do errands and such. I also have my Relief Society lesson to do and I'm pretty clueless as to what to teach. Guess I'll have to sit down with dh and figure out what.


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