Friday, June 20, 2008

Good morning all

This morning as I type, it's an hr later than I normally do since dh is home and R is at a church campout until Sat. We've decided it's ok to sleep in. However, S's morning schedule does not change simply because the rest of ours does. So around 7am I awoke to her calling for mom. I got her before she could wake up the rest of the household. We had a busy day yesterday so dh wants sleep and so does N.

Yesterday was when dh took R to the meeting place for the church campout. A lot of the boys were not wanting to go to this, but with parents persistance they went. Dh said that if it hadn't been really pushed as it was, he wouldn't have pushed R, but since it was insisted that the boys go, he went. That whole paragraph probably didn't make much sense, did it? Well, in my mind I know what I'm trying to say, so that's all the counts lol.

Dh then arrived back home and found me back in bed after getting up early to get R up. I was snoozing with S in bed. Dh cuddled for a bit, then had to come down for a conference call. Even though he has Thurs and Fri off, he still had to take this call. Eventually around 8 S woke up and we came down for her chocolate milk. Then we went upstairs and got N up. S was anxious to have someone to play with. They were also glad that I wasn't making them do school work since R was gone.

So we had a quiet morning of just getting ourselves ready for the day. I showered, then we went outside for a bit. The girls wanted to swing on the swings so they did. Eventually it got too hot in the sun so we came in. Lunch happened and then pool time. We love our new pool. With this one is has 2 blow up sides that actually stay blown up. With our others they have had 3 smaller blow up sizes and always either the top or the middle side has a hole and deflates. This one is nice AND it's a bit bigger and shaped like an hr glass.

Eventually dh said he was ready to do some shopping. N needs some skirts/dresses since she's grown quickly out of hers from last yr. Obviously, and she's still a bit small for a lot of my stuff. So we went in mind to get skirts, new bike for S with training wheels and whatever else we needed. Finding skirts wasn't as easy as I would have liked though. So after a bit we headed home. It was getting close to dinner and I had a church meeting to go to. So we stopped off for pizza for everyone and went home. Just before it was time to go, dh announces that he will take me so he can have the car with the girls. Ok, I had a friend I was going to take, but ok. So I called and left a message for her. I do hope she get it. Then we left for the church.

The dinner at church was very good. We all stuffed ourselves full. Then we went off to various classes. I went to the art of picnicking. We don't do picnics at our place, but I still thought it would be fun to listen. And it was. Afterwards I gave dh a call and he came. Apparently they found a bike for S and they were all excited. Just jabbering away all the way home. And this is at 9 at night. I know it's going to be a late night. Oh well, at least they found the bike. Now today we just need to continue on our hunt for skirts. Guess we might end up at the thrift store. That's ok, lots of nice skirts there.


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