Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our day

wasn't horrible, but I can tell Sarah isn't wanting to sit down a lot to do school already. Guess we'll have to have 1 or two days for sit down and the rest for up and moving around. But at least she enjoyed her science class that one of our local homeschool moms has organized. She did a great job. Sarah loves it. It's a 13 once a week class for 2hrs. I'm glad this is happening because I am NOT good at science. Dh is but he just doesn't have the time to be consistent enough. And all of her friends from the group are there.

Right now the girls are up in bed, Robert is downstairs with me online. Dh is at the ball game with co-workers. Probably won't be home until 10 or 11. Hope he has fun.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to have some friends come over and talk about our groups activities for the year. Her girls are good friends with mine. So that day should be good.

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