Friday, August 26, 2011

My dd's bday

Yesterday, Aug 25th, was Natasha's 15th birthday. And as per tradition for the past 10yrs dad takes the day off and we spend the day doing whatever the birthday child wants to. So yesterday we went to the zoo for the morning. McD's for lunch, then saw the movie Rio. Cute movie. Off to do a bit of birthday shopping for a gift that needed her foot. She had wanted roller skates, but the regular kind, not inline. So we ended up getting her a skate board instead. She's been using Robert's old one and having fun. So now she has her own and Sarah can have Robert's.

After the shopping we went to this cute pizza parlor that has an organist in it that plays live music. He even plays requests. So we had him play Happy Birthday to Natasha. She was a good sport.

After dinner(and being stuffed full) we went home to sing Happy Birthday and open gifts. Some nice ones as well as snack gifts. Fun day! Tired and exhausted! :)
Happy Birthday my sweet Natasha!


QueenBarbie's journal said...

Thanks mom

Karies place said...

You are welcome. :)

Ayhan said...

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