Friday, July 22, 2011

Much better

The last post I made was sad due to some unfortunate issues. However, thankfully things got better and the week went fine. We've had some hot weather(high of 90 and some low 100's) so the girls just went up to their room and played quiet and nicely. I did all my stuff on face book and was bored and it was only 10am. I looked around the school room and saw messy book cases and just plain messy room. So off my butt I got and started at the top and worked my way down. After 2 hrs of off and on cleaning the school room book cases and cupboards are now clean. All junk paper is gone.

The next day again my face book stuff done by 10 am I decided that since my basement was the coolest room in the house and has been needing to be cleaned, then that's what I would do. So downstairs I went with garbage bag in hand and started throwing things away. Amazing what I found after a yr of not cleaning. I usually try and let the girls clean up once it gets messy, but they find too many interesting things to do and it never quite gets finished. So after 2 days of 4hrs each cleaning, I'm now 90% done. Just need to move things around so that the girls can put their stuff down their instead of their room.

Also, now awaiting ds to come home tomorrow. He's had his break for the summer, now it's time to come home. I've loved seeing his daily morning and sometimes evening posts on face book. Looks like they've had fun.

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