Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Been busy

Ever since we had the heat wave hit us last week, I've decided that I can still accomplish stuff and not go outside. So I started cleaning up my school room book shelves. Threw away a ton of papers that weren't being used(lots of scribbles on them). Found several school work books that I forgot I had last yr that I will use this year.

Day 2 started tackling the basement. 2 yrs ago when we bought our van all the boxes that were in the garage(over 100) went down into the basement thus making the playroom half the size. As time went on the play area got messier and messier to where I just didn't care. I now had the energy so I took garbage bags and started going through everything. Found lots of toys the girls thought were "lost". After 4 hrs and 2 days I got most of it done. Dh went down and was glad because the corner of the basement he had been trying to get to was blocked due to Christmas boxes and other stuff. So now 2 things will have been accomplished this summer, play room cleaned up and boxes being sorted through and cleaned up.

This week I'm going through the drawers in the school room seeing what all school supplies we have. TONS of pencils. And I do mean TONS! Probably 50 or more. Funny all this time when I needed one we could never find one. Now I know where they all went to. So now we have a pencil/colored pencil drawer with stencils. A crayon drawer with again, TONS of crayons. A craft drawer with all kind of stuff. And a soon to be stamping drawer where I'll put my stamps at.

Today I went through a cupboard that is in the dining room where stuff tends to get shoved to when we have to place else to put it. Went through and found more stuff. Photos and papers and all kinds of electronic stuff. My parents funeral stuff. Nice memories. Miss them but they are healthy and in a much better place.

Tomorrow not sure, but I'm sure I'll find something to clean out. lol Stay tuned for more....


Julie said...

Good for you for being industrious. Wish I'd been doing what you did, but it's still sitting there on my to do list.

Karies place said...

Hey, it took me a year to get to this point. So it's still possible for you. :)

And thanks :)