Monday, May 23, 2011

What a day....ARGH!!!!!

I don't have too many days like this, thank goodness, but when I do ARGH!! All 3 kids were just arguing with me off and on all day. The youngest would get mad because no one wanted to play with her after lunch. I told her I was taking her and her sister out to buy some new pajamas. That helped things a bit, however 7yr gets bored very easily and after an hr was done. We were still trying on stuff 30 min later so 7yr was not happy. Finally made it out of the store and home.

Once home ds decides he wants to bug me. He's a good kid, but lately has decided to try and push as many buttons as possible as fast as possible. Today was just extra busy pushing. I think he's trying to understand some stuff, but I wasn't able to explain it well. Then he just decides to back talk me with everything. Finally I just walked out of the room to outside and just sat on the front porch. He's a good kid and smart, but sometimes he just over does it.

So now I'm online relaxing while the kids are upstairs reading/watching a movie. Dh is playing his games and I'm doing my stuff. The quiet of the evening...ahhhh. :)

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