Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring time

might finally be here in WI. We've had between 30 degree temps and low 70 degrees in the last few weeks. Our bodies are having a hard time adjusting to it. Between colds and flues going around it's been nuts. Thankfully all we've gotten is colds, but that's enough. Especially when it involves your throat being sore.

Also this past weekend we celebrated Robert's 18th bday. We actually celebrated it over 2 days since the actual date dh had to work(Good Fri). On the Thurs we went painting to this ceramics place which the kids enjoy. Then to this very interesting lunch/dinner spy place in Milw. Never heard of it. They have a secret entrance to get in. Almost reminded me of the haunted mansion at Disneyland in CA. Once we got in they sat us down and we ordered. Dh let us know that in this place we were actually encouraged to walk around and see all the photos and signs. (I'll post later). It was definitely interesting.

Afterward we went and saw the movie "Hop". Good for little ones, very goofy for older ones. But over all a good family film. David Hasselhoff was in it. Oh my has he aged. Probably 70 something. But still looks good! After the movie we stopped at Little Caesar's for pizza and went home. Now here's the tricky part. Because Robert's bday was on the Fri, dh said he would take a lunch break on Fri and have Robert open his gifts on his bday. So Thurs night ended with most everyone enjoying pizza. I was still stuffed from my fish sandwich that it wasn't until morning that I was able eat anything. And lunch ended at 2.

Fri morning we just relaxed and let the kids sleep in. After a bit Robert got his hair cut. Went to McD's to get a special dessert for Robert...McFlurries. Home and dh arrived in time for gifts. (I'll post later). Dh then went off to work and we just relaxed until Robert had to get ready for a Mormon Prom. That was the best part of his bday to him was that. He really didn't care what we did as a family, he was now 18 and wanted to hang with is friends so he did. He had a blast. They got home around 11:30pm. What's funny is the gifts that dh ordered are still coming in the mail. So his bday this year has consisted of several days of happenings.

Sunday for Easter I was asked to give a talk. It last a bit over 6 min. I tried for 10 but oh well. Thank goodness the last speaker did 25min. After church home for lunch, then napped for 2 hrs. Nice! Then Easter ham and side dishes. Nothing fancy just remembering the Resurrection and why we celebrate Easter.

So over all a busy but nice 4 or 5 days. I hope to be more active with my blog, but some days I'm just not.

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