Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ok don't die of shock...musings

I know it's me again so soon after the last post. :) I've just been so busy lately and frankly just haven't felt like putting my thoughts in writing. I think some of it is just struggling with the idea that my oldest, Robert, is now 18 and will be done with high school this year. I still remember our first yr of homeschooling 10yrs ago. Oh the challenges we faced back then, I now have to chuckle at. I remember each day going for a walk(gym) and making sure I had my DPI form tucked in my back pocket in case a police officer stopped us. :) 10yrs later I think our copy is in the cupboard but not sure. I've discovered that people in WI are very homeschool aware. I won't always say homeschool friendly, but most are aware that it's legal here and accepted.

Also, I have laugh at the "curriculum" we used back then. Those books you find at Sam's club that have review sheets in them for when you're traveling or just need something to do during the summer. We now have graduated to better stuff since then, but I still chuckle. I remember I also used to keep track of our hours in a binder to make sure we got in our time allotted. Now I don't even know where it is since we're too busy doing school and going places to mark it. Now THAT'S a true homeschooler.

So now that 10yrs have passed and 1 is almost done, I'm realizing that I still have another 10 or 11 yrs to go with my youngest who is 7. So my experimenting over the yrs is now ready for a new trial with Sarah. She keeps me hopping all the time. She is definitely NOT a routine child. She gets bored very easily thus making mom come up with ideas for her. When she gets bored she has a habit of venturing into the kitchen to "experiment" with stuff. I will be glad when warmer weather stays so that she can go outside and make all the messes she wants and then hose her down after. :)

You know I've come to realize that the more I know about homeschooling the more I realize I've still got more to learn.

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