Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 3

and now it's going by fast. Mon was slow simply because I was so sure Natasha would be sick and would have to come home. I kept waiting on phone calls, but nothing happened. I think what was going on is she had gotten herself so excited that her body was reacting negatively. I think once she got with her friends her body settled and she had fun. I'm very glad because she was soo looking forward to this and she would have been heart broken had she had to stay home.

Meanwhile, mom, Sarah and Robert are enjoying themselves. No dinner menu being planned. Robert takes care of himself and I do Sarah and myself. It's nice. I really don't like cooking most days, but I do it because I need to take care of my family. Once in while it's fun, but not often.

Now I have to tell you all something that to me is funny. Not ha ha funny, but just chuckle funny. Monday night Robert stays up until 1ish am. He then gets up at 5:30 for the day. Says he's fine and thinking of doing the same thing Tues night. Well, it's Wed morning at 6:30 and he's snoozing away. I have no idea what time he went to sleep, but I think his body is telling him that not again lol

Today Robert wants to just hang out at Best Buy for a bit, then we'll head home and get a bit of straightening done. Then after lunch I'm headed over to the park to meet a new mom and her kids that want to join our group. I believe 4 kids. So Sarah and I will do that while Robert stays home and hopefully cleans. Then any errands we might have. Around 6 I take Robert to the library for his last volunteer day for the reading program. He's made a friend and has had fun doing this. I think it's great. So while he's there I go home and pick up a friend and return to the library a bit later so she can use the libraries computer. I then take down all the art work loaned to me by hs children. They were very nice to ask us if we wanted to do as the public school kids do and display our art work. The kids were thrilled.

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