Sunday, April 25, 2010

A wet and soggy weekend

We knew the rain was going to come, and luckily we had things planned for most of Sat, but it was still hard not being able to go outside and get Sarah's wiggles out. This is my 6yr and she is a go getter. Loves being busy all the time. Thankfully Sunday was busy with getting ready for church and then being there. All we had to do was make sure the next 4hrs were busy doing things. She did well. I'm hoping the rain is done for now even though we did need it.

Sat was spent with Robert being out with his friends celebrating a bday. Dh taxied him to various places and the girls and I did a bit of shopping. Robert and his friends finally arrived back home around 3:30 in time to open a few gifts and have cake. He was exhausted but had a good time. He's already planning his next get together. lol


Abundantly Blessed said...

I know what you mean about the rain!! lolol!! My kids were so ready to get outside but we couldn't 'cause of the weather. :) I am so glad your son enjoyed his birthday. Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Karies place said...

Hey Vania!! Yeah, we needed the rain so I was thankful I had access to the car and could run errands. Then Sunday was busy with church and such so it wasn't horrible. Thank goodness Mon was sunny.

Yeah, he had a great time and is already planning his next gathering lol.