Saturday, April 24, 2010

The weekend

It's Sat and I'm just finishing up the ward bulletin for Sunday. It's been a few weeks since I had to do this on a weekly basis. We had General Conference, regular Sunday, then Stake Conference. So I'm having to get back into the routine. As I'm typing this my two girls are playing the Wii and being noisy. My husband is out with our son transporting him and his friends in a late birthday celebration.

They've gone to see a movie, then lunch then I think miniature golfing. After ward they'll come home for cake and gifts. This kind of makes up for last yr when he turned 16. We were going to let him have a friend party, but shortly after his Eagle Award ceremony I was informed that my mom only had a few days left with us, so we were preparing for a trip to Ut. So he never got his 16th friend party. So now he is. He's been looking forward to this more than his actual birthday due to having his friends and not family lol. I told him it was ok to have these feelings. He's older and not so much into family celebration. I look forward to hearing how his day has gone.

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