Monday, March 8, 2010

Driver's Ed

Today is going to be a busy day. Ds Robert has his first class of driver's ed. I know he'll do just fine once the class starts, but he's so very nervous. It'll be his first time in a class room in over 9yrs. Plus, not knowing anyone there. Thankfully some friends from church that go to this school are offering to meet him outside the school and show him the room and a bit of the school. This will be a big help since I know nothing of it either. Prayers on his behalf that his nerves will settle and that he'll do just fine would be appreciated.

The other thing we have today is the dentist. Robert had braces put on a month a 1/2 ago. Just before that he had a small cavity taken care of. Now we find his has another small cavity. Thank goodness it's just a baby one. After the dentist, we then head over to the library for a bit. Then lunch and then driving. Mon are usually a bit more relaxed than this. Guess this will help us be grateful for other Mon.

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