Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back from face book land lol

A friend of mine emailed me concerned about my blog. She said it was getting a lot of interesting comments and it certainly was. I haven't been very diligent about posting again. Mainly because I liked posting in the evenings and by that time I'm tired.

Not a lot of new things happening. But I'll let you know of the few that are. My ds has decided(with some fatherly urgings) to get his driver's license now. He's anxious and such, but he'll do fine. He's nervous because the class is in a public school building and he hasn't been in a class room setting in 9yrs. Plus he'll be surrounded by other teens taking their driver's class. I tried to get him to wait until April and do it in the evenings, but his bday is in April and he didn't want the class to interfere. I know he'll do fine once he gets started on the class. It will be every weekday 3-5 for 3 weeks. Lots of driving on my part at first. I know he'll do fine, but if you could all keep him in your prayers for comfort sake, it would be most appreciated.

Other stuff happening. I had been trying to figure a way of keeping dh involved in the kids' school work and finally last week figured a way. I'm having them email their dad around 3 in the afternoon what they have done that day and some details. This way he can be involved and not have to wait till evening when everyone is tired. So far we've done pretty good. We started last Thurs. I think dh likes it because he's already responded to a couple of things that kids have done.

I think spring is trying to come. The other day I found dh outside taking a picture of the ground. I went out side and found some of our tulips sprouting. This was on March 1st. How appropriate. Just in time to probably get smothered in snow again. lol Oh well, at least it's a sign.

Oh I've discovered that my oldest dd loves reading my blog so "Hello, Natasha" :) Love ya.


Rufener Family said...

I saw some of my tulips starting to try to break through the other day also! So Crazy, I just know winter is not over but with the sun shining so much its hard to not think spring could be coming! It would be so nice not to have snow this year for Easter! :)

Karies place said...

Yes, it does make it hard to see snow come again, but I'm enjoying the nice weather while I can. :) So true for Easter.