Friday, December 4, 2009

A mostly good day

This morning we did our devotional and then slowly started getting the house cleaned for our Christmas party on Mon. Had ds do some decorating in our school room where the kids will do the crafts. He went wild, but that's ok, at least it got done.

Around noon time oldest dd and I went on a errand to find some green foliage garland. Looked at $ store but really didn't find anything. Checked out Stine's and found what I wanted but more than I wanted to spend. Decided on our way home that I really didn't need it and just went home.

After lunch the girls went off and played while ds did some clean up work. He loves making the mess, but isn't always good at picking up. He did manage to vacuum pretty good, so that's done. I vacuumed the dining room and probably tomorrow or Mon will have dd do the frontroom.

Around 4pm I dropped ds off at his friend's school for the boy's eagle scout project. Came home and decided that the girls didn't want what mom was planning for dinner so we decided on a fend night. Rest of the evening was quiet. The girls played nicely together and ds did his thing. Now it's almost bedtime for me and all is quiet. Tomorrow hopefully finishing the shelves in the garage and any other thing while it's still not freezing.

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