Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Took youngest dd to the dr today. She's had cold symptoms for over a month and feeling very tired. Turns out she's probably got allergies and infection. So she now has meds for both. Hoping she'll start to feel better soon.

In the mean time my 2 older ones are going to be visiting the orthodontist. They are excited due to getting to choose colored ones. Hope they are still excited when the braces themselves are being put on.


Jess said...

Hi back!! Glad she got some medicine and hope she feels better soon!!! You have been bbusy!! Thats a good thing!! lol... =)

Karies place said...

Yes, I hope it helps her. It's been miserable always having her blow.

Yes, we have been busy. Hoping to slow down sometime soon. Probably after Christmas. lol