Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lots accomplished

Well finally the last of the leaves are raked and in the street. Fun at times, but now it's done. After raking took a lunch break. Then tackled the garage again. Got most of it done, but dh wants to get shelves put in, so we didn't get everything in like I wanted. But 90% done so that's good. At least when it snows, we can get the car in with a bit of effort.

As we were going through the boxes the memories that came back. Robert(ds) was amazed at how much his dad had done pre-marriage and pre-kids. lol I had to laugh since I used to do the same thing with my parents. It sure was fun, though, to see all those things again. Even saw some of my wedding stuff. Now THAT'S a long time ago lol 21yrs.

Now I sit here, taking a break from face book getting myself ready to head back to church. It's been 3 weeks since I attended regular service. 3 weeks ago tonight the primary pianist called dh to sub for him, so that meant instead of him staying home(with sick kids at the time) that I would. I can't play and piano, but he can and he can lead the music. Then the next Sunday I stayed home due to a bad cold in my eye and the girls had colds as well. So dh and Robert went.

This past Sunday was Stake Conference so we all went to that in a different building. So now tomorrow we're back to regular schedule.

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