Monday, May 11, 2009


was a pretty good day. Got ds up for his last week of seminary and out the door. I had time to myself for a bit. Updated my other blogs and then read emails. Took dh to work, then headed home to start out day.

Did our devotional and then kind of surprised the kids when I told them that on Mon we would be doing math as well as attending the library. Normally on Mon we just take our time getting books ready and DVD's, but now that the library is undergoing its remodeling of the children's section, there are only about 1/4 books available. So we only spend 30 min maybe. So I told the kids we were at least going to do math and then get the books ready. Left home around 11:30, chatted with one of the librarians, then headed to check out. Got stopped by another homeschooling mom and we chatted some more.

Arrived home in time to pick up ds and youngest dd S and head to lunch. After picking up lunch we headed home, ate and then dd N and I headed off to Walmart. Arrived home in time for the kids to have fun outside for a bit.

Around 4:30 called dh and arranged to go get him. Once home the kids found a dead mouse on the side area of our house. Eww! Thankfully my kids are one that won't pick it up. They were definitely curious, but didn't touch.

After dinner I took dd S for a bike ride around the block. About 3/4 the way home bumped into a neighbor and chatted for a bit. Eventually headed back home and relaxed. Around 7pm we had FHE and then excused everyone when done. We generally do short ones since 5dd's attention span is limited.

The girls then asked if they could go outside for a bit. YES!! It was still light and they needed to get out their energy. Arrived back home in time for family prayer and quiet time. Eventually it was bedtime and now just dh and I online doing our own thing. Ahhh

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