Friday, April 17, 2009


is the last week day of Easter Break. Come next Mon it's back to normal routine. But for now we're enjoying it. Ds is down in ILL for a scout campout visiting church-sites till Sat afternoon, then they will head north back to WI. So today dh called from work stating he was leaving early and did we have anything going on. Other than just cleaning up the house and getting dishes caught up, not much. He tells me to get the girls ready to head out and get the camera. We are all curious at to where daddy will take us. Turns out we end up at the zoo. And considering our temp got 78 today, it was nice to be out. The zoo was busy, but not bad considering.

By 4:30 it's getting ready to close, so in order to avoid the big rush, we head to the train to take a quick ride. When we get done, there's still a long line. Thankfully it emptied quickly. We then go out to our favorite buffet place for dinner.

Arrive home around 7 and the girls are still wanting to be wiggly. I let them watch cartoons until 9:30 then after trying to 30 min to get them to sleep(on the couch as a treat) I tell them it's time to go to their room. So they are now, hopefully, upstairs asleep, while mom and dad are relaxing on line. Looking forward to ds coming home tomorrow. Miss him lots.


Tricia said...

Have a wonderful evening.

Karies place said...

Thanks Tricia.