Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ds is home

Today was another nice day temp wise. So the girls and I took advantage of this and stayed out most of the morning. We had an early lunch, then dh took us birthday shopping for ds while he was gone. We were gone for over 3 hrs, and poor dd S was soo tired. We were at Walmart for almost 2 hrs, then dollar store for 20 min then grocery store for another 30. We arrived home and she plopped in front of the tv. She rarely ever does that.

Gave the girls a snack since they were hungry, then since they were still hungry, dh just suggested we do an early dinner. So I plopped the pizzas in that we bought and soon we were full.

A few hrs later we received a phone call from the scout master's wife that the guys would be home an hr later than planned. Apparently someone got lost and they all have to retrieve him lol.

So now all 3 kids are home safe and sound tucked into bed for the night. So nice to have us all home together. Sweet dreams.


Tricia said...

It was a nice day wasn't it. We spent most all day outside too.

Karies place said...

However, it says snow in the forecast for Tues. Ewww