Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Updating on my life lately

Well, as of last Thurs I have had 2 sick kids. Thankfully not together, but still. Dd S got sick Thurs night and was up every hr from 11:30pm - 6am dry heaving. I finally woke her up and took her downstairs and that seemed to wake her enough to settle her down. She then slept most of the day. She was pretty much better by Sun.

Yesterday morning was filled with me getting the kids ready for pictures. We haven't had any updated ones in yrs. So we were able to get all 3 kids done, a couple picture of dh and I and then the family. So now, we just need to take the time and go over the photos to see which ones I want to have printed and hung since we have NO photos of family hanging on walls(long story, I'll only tell if you ask).

Later, as we were in the middle of celebrating my birthday, ds and dd were done with their art and gym classes, ds stopped and stooped over and was looking pale. He claimed he was just over tired, but I knew that look. We quickly made it home and had home rest for a bit. After about an hr, he finally threw up. Wow did he feel better. He then laid back down and rested again.

After this bit of fun dh took dd N to her church activity and I stayed home with ds R and dd S. Once they got home around 8:30 we opened mom's gifts. Quite a few bracelets, the movie "Fireproof", some shirts, bad of mints and a case of A&W root beer.

We then put the kids to bed and dh and I had a nice quiet evening.

Today has been a quiet day of rest, mostly. Dd S woke me up this morning at 6:30 only she was half asleep was hugging her tummy like she was sick. My thought was "Not again!" Thankfully she was only dreaming and when I put her on the couch in the school room, she fell back to sleep till 9am.

Ds R woke up at 7:30 and in much better spirits. He looked much better and was hungry lol. Told him all he was getting until afternoon was room temp white soda. He didn't argue too much since he was pretty thirsty and hungry. The rest of the family woke around 9.

We spent the day relaxing and trying to clean and disinfect things. We did no school due to this sickness. This evening dh took the girls grocery shopping while I stayed home with ds. It worked out nice for me to have almost an hr of peace while ds watched a DVD. Now the kids are upstairs having "settledown time". I'm giving them till 9:30 since they slept late. Let's hope for another quiet night and day.


Xazmin said...

UGH! I hate how when 1 gets sick, you have to have go through your WHOLE family before you're done with it! Hopefully everyone is doing fine now!

Karies place said...

Oh, I know. We still have 3 more to go, so we're in the middle. Thankfully the throwing up part only last a few hrs. Then it's just resting for a day before adding white soda and crackers.