Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Made it!

We made it through the night. I knew we would, we have in the past, but it's always nice in the morning when we can say YES we did it. And if you're questioning what I'm referring to, my dh is on a business trip to TX and that means I'm on my own until tonight. The only thing about his business trips out here is that I have to take him to the airport. When we lived in CA they had a shuttle come to the door, so him leaving wasn't as bad. Here in WI I have to take him and I really hate driving that far. Oh well, at least it only happens every few yrs. :)

Hey, a question for all my followers. Is there something you have to do a lot or just sometimes that is hard to do?


Tricia said...

Yes, get up in the mornings. That's the hardest for me to do. But here I am. I managed to do it another day!

.... said...

You know, I read your comment about the links three times and I am not sure what you mean?

I just highlight the name after I type it, go up to the little URL icon and then paste the link into the pop-up box and press enter. That's it. Is that what you meant?

Jess said...

Im in the same boat as you... being away from dh overnight... fortunately.. it only happens once in awhile.... like this weekend when he goes camping... lol... I have a hard time sleeping when he is gone.

On another note.. you commented about your school schedule.... just wanted to share a little more detail with you on what I do.... I downloaded the excell grade and attendance records from donnayoung.org , then I set them up to have one set for each child..(put their info in, a picture and so forth) then I set the subject tabs to go along with the daily dozen list we like from Charlotte Mason...(its on my blog).... thats it.... I dont PLAN any lessons... I simply keep a copy of that list in easy reach and then make sure I hit on as many as I can each day.... sometimes we will do a spur of the moment lesson.. other times we just go along with what life hands us and I find a way to incorporate it into our daily dozen check off.... Every Friday (or sat.) I go over our week... and I input a weekly grade based on how that child did for that week. For example.. if ds gave me grief about doing his chores and getting off his xbox when I asked.. and he did it a few days in a row... then he would get a low weekly score that week for time management. Make sense?

I have found this allows us to be more creative... we are learning things for fun and on the fly.... and it works. Plus when things come up its not going to put us behind or be an issue.

I hope that helps you a little....I know how hard it is to try to make sure the kids are learning, and are having fun at it as well. I have worked a long time to get out of the frame of mind that we needed to be doing "lessons" every day...(which is how I started out)... its to much like regular school doing that... and sometimes even more stressful!! lol...

Hugs to you.. and glad you made it thru the night!

Karies place said...

... I might just be doing the link thing wrong then. Let me look around for an example and then I; send it your way.

Karies place said...


That's one for me lately. And now that I get up at 5:30 am to help ds get off to seminary, makes it even harder.

Karies place said...

Jess, When he first started going away, I really struggled with bedtime. Now, I either am used to it, or I'm just so tired from kids and life that I just zonk out lol.

Thanks for the info on the scheduler. Something to look into.

JADs Mama said...

Hey Karie,
I had to make my blog private due to some extended family issues - I can't remember your email address so I can add you to my "approved" list. :)


JADs Mama said...

oops - I guess it would be good to give you mine huh?? isaiah_40_31a@yahoo.com or you can message me at homeschoolblogger. :)