Monday, March 2, 2009

Just the kids and I

over night. Dh is in an airplane flying to Tx with a layover in Tenn. This will be one of his quickest trips in a long time. One time (yrs ago in CA) he flew to one of the northern cities that morning and was home by nighttime. So this time the kids and I are just lazing about. My oldest dd and I did a bit of snack shopping and are now relaxing for the evening. Dh will try and call in an hr or so before he takes off for Tx.

I've been looking forward to this for awhile now, but as soon as I dropped him off at work and drove away, I felt kind of empty. I know he'll be home tomorrow night, but it still feels weird knowing he won't be home tonight.

Thankfully I have my 15ds with the priesthood so I'm feeling ok.

We did have our normal day today of visiting the library and purchasing yet more videos. I think we have a total of 70 possibly. But I figure at 50 each, it's deal and they are videos that my 2 dd's watch.

After we were done we headed for lunch then home. Then just kind of goofed around. Should have done more, but just didn't feel like it.


.... said...

I am from Texas and would LOVE a trip back. Alas, I am in Utah...

Karies place said...

I didn't know that. This is dh's 2nd time there. He flew back there 1yr ago last Nov for 2 nights and did a 3 hr presentation for the new company that bought the company he works for. Long story, but they wanted him back. Now I get the fun time of picking up tonight at the airport. Not looking forward to that long drive. Oh well, at least he'll be home again.