Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled day

Well, we seem to be back to normal now. Thank goodness! Makes me appreciate being ABLE to do what we need to do. Today was back to our regular routine. 5:30 am up to wake ds up for seminary then after dh and ds leave for that, it's my online time with no interruptions.

Later, in the morning, I take dh to work and had oldest dd N tag along. Did our devotional, then did the library stuff. Picked up lunch and headed home. After we did lunch it was get the girls outside to play. The temp were high 60's so NO JACKET!! YIPEE!!! They rode their bikes and did hoola hoops. Ds did some computer science and then when I went to pick up dh from work, he went out with dd S and did some art on the driveway.

The rest of the evening was spent getting our winter yard decorations put away and our spring ones out. Even if it snows again, I don't care lol. We actually stuck them out last yr and sure enough it snowed 12". We took photos to show snow in spring. lol

Eventually it was time for dinner and settle down time. Had a hard time getting the girls inside, but eventually I succeeded. Right now they're upstairs having quiet time before bedtime. Guess I need to go up and tuck them in. :)

PS!! Dh's Eagle award is now back so now we get ready for the award ceremony. Will get back to you on when that is. So exciting!


Andrea said...

I'm so jealous of your 60* temp. :oD

Krissa said...

Sounds like a busy day...Love the nicer weather...
Definitely talk to your brothers about doing a blog..that would be neat!

Karies place said...

LOL Andrea. We've actually waited awhile for this type of weather. I'll try and blow some your way. :)

Karies place said...

Krissa, yes it's nice weather after what we've been having.

I emailed them right after I posted to you. So, we'll see what happens. :)