Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woke up to snow

This morning we woke to 4" of snow. That's ok if you have no plans to go anywhere, but my dd N had her volleyball games this morning. So around 9:30 he goes out to snowblow. Unfortunately my ds R wasn't home to help. He was on a weekend campout with the scouts. Yes, you read that right, he was camping. I told one of the leaders, who teashing invited me to join, that I will go home and snuggle up in my warm bed, thanks. He just chuckled.

So around 10:30 dh and the girls and I drove off for her games. Getting there was fun. The roads weren't snow plowed really well, and in fact the main road we were on still had lots of peaks so we had to drive wherever we could to keep from sliding. Finally arrived just in time for the first one to start. The girls are still learning really how to play, so the game goes by quickly. They do manage to score points, but there's not a lot of over the net playing. But that's ok, they're learning.

They played 2 teams and then we were done. The 3rd team cancelled due to the weather. So after an hr we head back home with still the same bad roads. Eventually make it home and get lunch ready. The girls rest while eating, then off to playing for a bit. I get a bit of house cleaning done. Strip the kids' bedsheets to wash and get dishes ready to wash.

Finally to a point where I can't do much more until the other stuff is washed, so I head online. The rest of the afternoon is pretty much getting things cleaned up for Sun. Around 3pm ds calls to say he's ready to come home. Oh joy, dh has to back out again. He heads out and about 15 min later ds calls again to see where dh is. I tell him the roads are pretty slushy so be patient. He'll be there soon.

They arrive home around 4 and dh heads up to rest. Ends up falling asleep. Still has a cold. Ds relaxes and the girls are just laying around or playing. Pretty much a lazy Sat. Around 6:30 dh wakes up and heads outside to snowplow the rest of the snow. Ds goes out and helps with a bit of encouragement from mom. :) Bath time for youngest dd S and then one last cartoon before settledown time. Now it's 9 and I need to go up and put them to bed. We have an early start for Sun.

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