Friday, February 13, 2009

Starting to feel better

At least I haven't sneezed as much today. That's what made me so tired the last few days, the sneezing. And I don't mean little sneezes, I mean HUGE ones! My kids were surprised that mom had it in her lol. I have a lot of things in me, I just don't advertise it. :)

Today is Fri and we had a good day. Kids did good with school and we got the house mostly cleaned up and vacuumed. We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow and Sunday are big days for our family. Tomorrow my oldest dd gets to play in some church volleyball games for the first time. She's really excited, but a bit nervous. They will play against 3 other wards in the morning. Possibly go out to lunch, then we'll spend the rest of the day getting ready for ds's Eagle Board of review that is on Sun.

Yes, it's finally happening. 2yrs after his first idea of what he could do, he's now going to be getting an award for his project. Now I realize that him doing his service project (collecting books and materials for our local library) and them thanking him should be enough, but it's always nice to have the physical award as well. Employers generally like this on resumes.

So, I guess I'm glad I had this cold now instead of later on, because I was feeling miserable for the past few days, and it wouldn't have been good to show up sniffling and blowing my nose in front of the panel. Yes, the parents also get to sit in front of the board and talk a bit about their ds. So wish us well with that and the volleyball games. Should make for a busy weekend.

Oh and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! My dh brought home 2 doz roses. BEAUTIFUL!

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