Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, there was no sleeping in today. Dd N had her first volleyball games, starting at 10:15 so that meant getting up at 7 so that those who needed to, could shower. Left home around 9:45 and arrived at the church at 10. She joined her team as they warmed up. She both excited, but nervous as well. As the 1st game started, they put her in right away. The first part of the game she pretty much tried to avoid the ball. But as time wore on, she managed to tilt one in the air so another player could hit it over. Boy was she excited. She continued to slowly get better with each game.

In the meantime, dh and ds R snuck out and headed to the scout office. He has is Eagle board of review after church, and they want him in proper uniform. Scout shirt, dark green grass colored pants(style is nice, but color is ugh), socks, hanky and belt. There is also a hat that goes with the uniform, but most boys that age wouldn't be caught dead in it lol. They arrived back in time to see her play the last team. They didn't win, but they sure had fun.

We then went to find a place to eat. Now being Valentine's I suspected that lunchtime would be a bit more crowded, but we'd still find something. Old Country Buffet was packed so we continued on to New China. We hit it at peak time and found 1 table that had just gotten up. By the time we were done, there were plenty of tables. Oh well, we did good.

Came home and let the kids relax a bit. Dd S ate the last valentine cupcake that I told her yesterday she could have after lunch today. Now that made sense, huh :0 Anyway, it had snowed last night(2 in) and so the kids had some new snow to play in.

While the kids played, I goofed around on the computer and dh napped. Then I started hearing what sounded like the vacuum upstairs. Went up to check and dh was ripping our already ripped apart carpet. I'd been meaning to rip it out myself for weeks now, but since it's upstairs I don't normally see it on a daily basis. So we ripped out about 1/4 the carpet. Nice wooden floor underneath. I'm guessing by summer time we might have it half way done with our schedules.

The rest of the day was relaxing, and fixing dinner. Bathtime for youngest dd. Dh and ds tried on his new scout pants to make sure they fit. I then started washing his uniform so it will be ready for tomorrow. He sure is nervous. But I know he'll do fine.

Settle down time around 8pm and bedtime 9pm. We have early church tomorrow.


.... said...

We found our here:

We really lucked out.

Tricia said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. We have early church too but I ended up staying home with the little girls. Not everyone is feeling well. Hope your Sabbath Day is a good one.

Karies place said...

Thanks ...

Karies place said...

Tricia, our day has turned out well. My youngest dd S and I still have colds, but mild ones. So church was church. After our meetings we headed home for lunch. Around 2pm we headed for the Eagle Board of review. I have to admit I was nervous, but the men were very nice and YEAH ds made it!