Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to normal...almost

Thank goodness that cold is mostly gone. I think that's the most exhausted I've felt with a cold in yrs. Usually with a cold I get a mild sore throat and stuffed nose. The throat is usually the worse. But this cold had a sneeze that came with it and not just any sneeze. HUGE sneezes and many a day. Probably the most in one day I had was 30. They would just wear me out by evening time. Once the sneezing settled, I have been much better. I'm about 90% better. Still a bit of the sniffles but I can handle that.

So our day happenings were a bit later than normal. Ds R didn't have seminary so I slept in till 7 and then woke ds up to watch dd S while she was still asleep. Woke dd N up so she could go with me to tak dh to work.

Left for work 7:30 and arrived back home 8:30. Got ready to start our morning schedule. Ended up getting some phone calls from some lady friends who were just checking on me. It was nice, but I was trying to address and stamp some very late Valentine's and then found out it was President's day. Oh well, guess we'll try tomorrow.

Still trying to get ready and the phone rings again. Another friend who has been sick, letting me know she feels better. Great, glad to hear it. Not it's 11am and still haven't gotten the books done so off to the frontroom we head. Finally nearing completion of the lists when the sister who we take with us called to say she was still interested in coming. I had called her earlier in the morning and had gotten her machine so she was calling to say she was home.

Arrived at the library at noon, about 1 hr later than I wanted to be. ::sigh:: guess there will be days like this. Did our stuff then left. Dropped my friend off and headed to pick up lunch. Arrived home and now it's 2pm just in time for a late lunch. Spent the rest of the afternoon trying to fix this blog and still keep dd S occupied. Finally sent them outside, but as of late this has not been working. They have been coming in complaining or crying about this or that. So much so that I have had stress headaches for about a week now.

After 20 min of in and out, in and and out I finally hustled them inside and let them know enough was enough. They seemed to know mom was not in the mood for thier goofs. So the girls went off to watch some cartoons and ds did some computer stuff.

Around 4:30 I headed out with dd N to pick up dh. Stopped by Walmart for some items then headed home. Dinner was fend night, then around 7:30 ds prepared a family-home-evening lesson. Very good job. Then it was time for nighttime snacks and bedtime. So ready for that tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. One can only hope. ::sigh::

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