Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting back to routine again

I really need to be in our normal routine again, and it looks like we're getting there. The kids started back to their art and gym classess again on Tues. Looks like attendance was down a bit with the older kids, but still not bad. The 2 younger classes pretty much stayed the same. Dd S was excited to be back there again doing art. She's not doing gym since she pretty much stays active all day. And she's not into big group playing right now.

And the kids still have their same gym teacher from last semester. Now this is a BIG deal because in the last 4 1/2 yrs of taking these classes, they've had a different gym teacher EVERY semester. In fact 2 or 3 of the semesters we had 2 teachers per semester. Thankfully they seem to have found an older woman(mid 40's) who is stable, has a job and just wanted to help kids with exercises. So the older 2 did art and gym.

After their classes were over with, we went home. Kids started taking their showers since dd N has volleyball every Tues at 6 so we leave at 5:45 to get there. This means leaving to get dh at 4, arriving home around 4:45 and getting dinner ready by 5:15. Over all it was a good day. Tiring but good. But then poor dh gets paged at church and we have to leave. Thankfully it was after all the classes were over with. This was 8:30. He finally managed to get to bed around 11:30. The next morning, after picking up ds R from seminary, he's back on the phone(7am) and is still on the phone when he leaves (7:30 Wed a.m.).

So Wed is staying at home pretty much. We do school and ds R was told last night at church that his references for his Eagle Project is ready but he needs to call the scout office. So this morning right after devotional he calls. Gets a machine, so we continue with school. Just as we were finishing with lunch, I tell him to call the office back. Just as we're continuing on with this, the phone rings. It's the scout office. They tell him they don't have the reference papers since the Eagle scout guy has already come for his stuff. WHEW!! So now it's just a matter of time before we hear from them. Will be so glad when this is completely done.

As the day progresses, I get an email from dh. It's going to be a long day. The dinner party they planned is now cancelled due to they're still working on that problem from Tues evening.

I get dinner going eventually and then get ready to head out to visiting teaching. Dh is still at work, but I have my cell phone so they can call if they need me. After I'm done the kids tell me dad is still at work and when will I be home. It's been 2hrs and as they're calling me the last time, I'm in the driveway. Too funny.

So now tonight the kids are in bed and dh tells me he might be coming home either by 11 or midnight. Midnight is my guess. He's going to be one tired guy.


Mrs. Brooke said...

Don't you just hate how work seems to suck the life out of our hubbies?!?!

We so badly need to get back into our routine! And the main problem got used to sleeping in a bit during the last bit of December and it's a HARD habit to break!

It's nice that you can stay so busy during January, I have a hard time with this time of year and staying motivated, hurray for you!

Karies place said...

Most definitely. He just drags himself into the house and drops. He did finally manage to get home around 11:30. He still had to stay up for a call at midnight, but then we promptly fell asleep.

I, too, need routine. Otherwise the kids don't know what's up and it just throws everything upside down.

Yep, I think a lot of people have that problem in Jan. I can usually get settled late Jan.