Saturday, December 27, 2008

The weekend is here

This morning I got woken up at 3:30 am by my dd S who had a bad dream. I put her back to bed, checked the time, then I went back to bed. Luckily for me she didn't wake up until 8am. She cuddled in bed with dh and I then she wanted to get up for her chocolate milk. So we did.

Soon after we came downstairs, ds R arrived. He's definitely not our early rise anymore. He used to be up by 5 or 5:30 most mornings. I think because of seminary, he's glad to sleep in. :) So he went online and dd S and I snuggled. She eventually fell back to sleep so I layed her gently on the couch and went online for a few min myself. Around 9 I went up to check on dd N and get her up. Dh was still snoozing. Came downstairs and woke up dd S. Eventually everyone was up. The morning was a quiet one.

After getting myself dressed for the day, I started in on the gifts everyone received. I gathered all the candy and toys and put them in their designated spots. I then started getting new clothes ready to wash. Pretty much my day was spent getting laundry taken care of.

All the while doing this we find it's raining outside. RAINING??! It's almost the end of DEC! Oh well, at least it's trimming the snow hills down a bit. We were to the point of no where to haul the snow to. Apparently we'll get more in the next day or so.

After dinner time, dh asked if the kids and I wanted to go with him to the church. He was subbing on the organ and wanted to practice. This meant that the kids would get the chance to run around in the gym. So off we went. After he was done, we stopped off to get some groceries for dinner on Sun. Ended up finding some Christmas candy on sale so we lucked out on that. Like we need anymore candy lol.

As we were driving home, dd S fell asleep on my shoulder. She must have been tired since she hasn't done that in 2yrs. Arrived home around 9:30 and put her and the other 2 to bed. Quiet time now.

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