Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trying to ignore them

You know with all the protests about Prop 8 and the LDS church in the news, it's just plain getting tiresome. This small group of people think the Christian world is going to cave into their protests and allow "other" couples marriages in their faiths. They really don't know much about the LDS faith if they think this will change our minds. They might have individual members who will side over, but the over all general membership will stand strong along with other Christian faiths and we will hold firm.

Former head of Salt-Lake-Diocese comes to defense of LDS Church. This article is nice to see that they are with us still.

Pretty much, most of the country has gone on with life and just want to continue that way. These people are just being a pain.



.... said...

I totally agree!!!!!!!

Karies place said...

Thank you!


JADs Mama said...

Hi Karie!
I agree - they really need to find something better to do with their time.

comerrick said...

I am also tired about the newspapers saying that the Gays are being persecuted. Yea right!

Will and Jessi said...

I feel for the GLBT community because I know everyone wants to be validated and for their families to matter. This is a hard subject because while I truly love my gay/lesbian brothers and sisters, and I know God loves them too, their way of life isn't right in His eyes.

Karies place said...

jads mama,

Yep I have to agree, I'm guessing they have jobs that they are missing right now.

Karies place said...


That's because most of the news media be it newspapers, or tv or mostly for this group. And besides, they want the ratings so they're following them everywhere. Problem is, after a bit, most people are just going to start ignoring them and the media will see something new.

Karies place said...

Will and Jessi,

My dh and I have 2 sets of friends who are gay and lesbian. However, neither of these couples wants this type of attention to their lifestyle. So while I understand they have wants, when it goes against 95% of the people, then majority rules.