Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A quiet relaxing day

Since we had a late night and a busy day on Tues, I didn't bother to wake the kids up as early as I do. Plus, ds R didn't have seminary this morning, so I didn't have to wake him at 5:30, thus sleeping in until 7 when dd S came in for her chocolate milk. Headed down the stairs and into the school room. Dh was getting ready for work. Dd S and I cuddled on the couch for a bit. She finally fell back to sleep so I layed her on the couch to sleep more. I then snoozed a bit as well.

Around 7:40 dh left for work and then I woke the kids. The slowly started coming down the stairs around 8, but I told them we wouldn't start until 9 to give them a chance to wake up. 9am we started our devotional and then I headed up to shower. Ds R was supposed to do his journal, then math and then finish up his Eagle application. I also asked the girls to sit on the couch and read while I showered. Of course most times when I shower in the morning during school hours the kids always manage to do elsewise. So what actually happened was the girls ended up trying to read to their dolls(which actually never happened) and ds apparently ended up reading the wrong lesson in his math. By the time I was done with my shower and such, it was 11am. So I help dd N with her math lesson while ds R ends up working on his Eagle application some more.

By noon we are done with dd's math and I re-read the history I slept through yesterday lol. At 12:30 we were ready for lunch. I told the kids that early in the afternoon I was going to be spending a lot of time catching up in the kitchen the dishes that we dirtied yesterday but had no time to clean. WOW Lots of dishes! I'm now 95% done.

Pretty much spent the rest of the day cleaning up a little bit and checking out things on line. Trying to find a Christmas template for my blog that has the nativity scene on it. Haven't had much luck. If anyone reading this can help me out, please post the url on my comments. It would be much appreciated!

Around 4pm dh calls to say they are kicking him out of work early. So we scramble to get the rest of the kitchen and frontroom straightened up. Frontroom looks much better, kitchen just about. School room not bad. Had ham and noodles for dinner. Nothing too exciting. Dh came home with a converter box for our tv's since next Feb everything will be digital. The visual quality is VERY clear and nice.

Dinner is ready around 5:30 so we eat. Dh is still doing a bit of work, but nothing to stressful. The kids and I eat then the girls watch some tv. Ds R heads back to his computer. I get more dishes done(told you I had a lot of dirty dishes lol). Got a start on the laundry. The rest of the evening was quiet.

Finally 8:30 bedtime. I get the girls ready for bed and to read. 9:30 reading time stops and time for sleepy time. Ds R is allowed to read for a bit longer but only with his light out. He's able to read with the hall light on.

So now it's just dh and I doing our computer stuff enjoying the quiet evening. Ahhh.



JADsMama said...

I am glad that you had a quiet, relaxing day after a busy Tuesday. I hope your dd is feeling better. :) I wish y'all a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

JADsMama said...

This isn't a nativity scene but it is the wisemen and the star. Just thought I would send it your way to do with as you wish. :) If I find a nativity one I will let you know!

JADsMama said...

The nativity background is the 3rd picture down. Good luck!

(are you tired of me yet!?!? LOL)

Karies place said...


And no, I'm never tired of hearing from you! :)