Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Been too tired and busy to post

Sorry for not being up to date, but by Tues evening I had had it. My youngest dd S has been suffering from a mild cold. Unfortunately during the night she can't always breathe and therefore wakes up in the night and wants to be comforted by mommy. I understand this concept, but at 3am I'm not the most understanding mommy. I do take her back to bed and tuck her in with a kiss, but most of the time I insist she sleep in her own bed, unless of course she's really not feeling good(fever and such). But the 1st night she was feeling blah she woke almost every hr or so whining so it meant in order for dh to sleep and do well the next day at work, I had to get up quickly and settle her. This meant I got about 4hrs of interrupted sleep the first night and about 3 hrs the second night. So by Tues morning I was sleep deprived.

So Tues went as follows. Took dh to work, came home and got school started. This morning, however, was a bit different for ds R. Because he now had 99% of his info for his Eagle report and such, I told him he was off the hook for his math but he would have to put 100% into his eagle stuff. So I got the girls doing math and reading. Then, while ds R was completing some sheets, I tried reading some history. Found myself so tired that I ended up muttering things instead of reading so I called it off.

About 30 min later I took dd S to her art class and dd N went along with me. It was a good thing that things were moving because otherwise I would have been asleep. Arrived home in time for lunch and seeing ds R doing well with his stuff. This was 1pm. 1:30 we left for art and gym for the 2 older kids. Now was the time to relax and chat with some other moms.

Once these classes were over with, we headed home. I called to see if dh was ready and then we headed out to get him. This was 4:pm. Arrived to his work 4:30 and then back home by 5. Got dinner ready since we had to be to the church a bit early for tithing settlement. The bishop ended up being 15 min late and since the kids still had their classes to attend at 7, we choose to wait until afterwards.

Around 8:30 we were done with our interview and then bishop had some things to discuss with dh so the kids and I left the office and waited in the foyer. By 8:45 dh was done so we headed home. Got the kids settled and then put to bed. Around 10:30 after settling some things for me, I headed to bed as well. Dh was also tired. By 11pm we were both in bed snoring.


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