Monday, November 24, 2008

Mon and the snow comes

We all woke up this morning to snow!! EEEKKK!! I am SO NOT ready for this, but apparently I don't have a choice. Thank goodness the main roads were good because I had to have the car today so we could go to the library. However, dh and ds R had to drive in it around 5:30 for seminary and apparently some of the roads were just icy enough that dh choose to stay and wait rather than come home and shower.

While they were gone, dd S woke up, still with her cold, and wanted to cuddle. We cuddled for a bit then I gave her some chocolate milk. I kept hoping she would go back to sleep. She did off and on but mostly off. Finally around 8:00 I took dh to work and left the girls home with ds R. Once I dropped dh off to work, I called the ds R to make sure that dd N was awake. I needed her to be but apparently dd S woke her when she went up to get dressed.

I arrived home to see ds R and dd S outside playing in the snow. Hope they're still excited in Jan and Feb lol. Got our morning started then proceeded to get the books and videos checked and ready to go back. Finally headed out the door around 11:30.

Arrived at the library to find people having had a hard time parking correctly. So this meant really looking around to find something. After a min or two finally found something. After we got our books and such, I decided to chat with the librarian about an idea I had. Several of my homeschooling friends have agreed that they like this idea. The thought was to see if the library had some space available and then email homeschool companies about donating some of their products to the library directly and thus allowing families to actually use the product to see if they like rather than just looking at a picture in a book or online. She liked the idea and said she would approach some others about it. So we'll see what happens.

Headed home and picked up lunch on the way. Arrived home and ate. Then had ds R do more stuff related to his Eagle report. More details in another post.

Around 4:30 called dh to see if he was ready to come home. He was, so dd N and I headed out to get him. Dd S and ds R stayed home. Dd S was tired from not getting much sleep this morning so she needed to stay home. After we picked up dh, we headed out to do some quick shopping. We were out of milk and other essentials for kids(especially teens lol).

Got home and found dd S patiently awaiting us. The kids helped empty the car then we all went in and warmed up. Mon are our fend evenings which means everyone is responsible for their own dinner(except 5 dd). Then the rest of the evening was spent watching some school videos and family home evening. A bit of a snack and then kids off to bed. Dh was practicing a song he's accompanying with someone and it put dd S to sleep right away. The other 2 stayed up a bit to read.

All is now quiet in the household, at least until tomorrow lol.


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