Monday, November 24, 2008

Ds R's Eagle

I don't know how many of my readers might be familiar with what an Eagle is in regards to scouting, but it's a very looooooong process. I'll give you a brief description of what goes on.

First the scout has to come up with an idea that would somehow benefit the community. Then they need to get this project approved by the local scouting person(besides the scout master). Once approved the boy now needs to find a day and time of when to have the other scouts(and anyone else he chooses to ask) help out with this project. Now the one main thing about this project is the boy himself can assist in somethings, but the main idea of the Eagle is showing leadership skills. So the boy has to learn how to delegate projects. My ds's project was donating books and other materials to our local library. He advertised at church, in our homeschool group, and at one of the award ceremonies. We counted the books at 550 books and materials for the library!

He had the scouts walking around his neighborhood, one Sat, placing plastic bags on their doorknobs with a note attached explaining his project. The following Sat the scouts then picked up whatever was left on the front porch. They did really well.

Then he had to come up with a time and day for all the scouts to deliver the books. All the while this is being done, he has to have photos for proof that he did the project. Also, while this is being done, they should be updating their report on what is being done. Most scouts don't do the report until the project is over. Ds R choose to start the report from day one. This was a good idea since a lot of things from memory were lost.

Now I know this is long, but believe me, it's actually the shortened version of what has been happening in our household for the past 1 1/2 yrs! Now, there was summer when a lot of scout things were happening so the report got put aside for a bit. But we're finally at a point where the report is done, and the presentation part is done, he just needs to fill out an application applying for Eagle, then get 5 references from people who know him and then fill out a form explaining what his future plans are in regards to how scouting has helped him. We are now to the point of getting all the details to the application, and putting his presentation in plastic paper holders and then sending everything in. Then the wait begins for when he gives his oral presentation and answers questions from the eagle review board. Once they approve his oral presentation and other stuff, they then notify the scout master and then have an eagle court of honor.

The italized part above is what is left to do. I'm emotionally exhausted because it's the mother's job to make sure the boy starts and finishes this job. NOT an easy thing to do when they loose steam. It'll be so nice when this is finished and he can get on with other things he wants to do. And then maybe mom will stop nagging him....NOT! I'm sure there will always be something to nag him about. :)



.... said...

We are just beginnning in the scout process and I am just understand what you are saying. You must be proud.

Karies place said...

I am, and have been. It's a long process, but I'm just beginning to really understand what a lot of people mean when they say, an employer really likes to see Eagle on the application. Now I know why. :)

Robert said...

The project isn't the only thing, you also have to advance from several ranks over a period of several years, earn many merit badges, and more.