Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Caught up

at least for now. :)

Today, being Tues, is now almost over with. I love Tues in that I get a chance to chat with my homeschooling friends while my older kids to their art and gym classes.

The morning started out with me taking dh to work early. After dropping him off I called home to refresh ds R's memory on my cell #. It's not a regular cell phone, just a cheap flip phone dh bought a few yrs ago for himself before he was supplied with a work phone. So now I have it. Anyway, I wasn't sure ds R had it just in case he needed to call me. So I call, leave the number and while he's chatting with me, dd S wakes up. So I let him go and hang up.

Once I arrive home we get ourselves ready to start. We had a bit of a late start since dd S had fallen asleep around 8 and so wasn't ready to wake up till 8:30. Did our morning devotional and then got the two girls to get dressed. I told ds R he needed to get his math done. Dd N and I were finished with her math, so I had her look over some books she got from the library until ds R was done. Both older kids had a country they were supposed to learn a bit about for an activity tonight.

Once they worked a bit on that, it was time for dd S's art class to begin, so off we went. After the class we headed home to pick up ds R for art and gym. At 4pm we left to go home. Dropped off ds R and headed out to get dh. Once home from getting dh, we had dinner. Then dd N went and got herself ready.

We arrive at the church 7pm. The kids all scattered to their various places. I did my sign langugage class, and it had turned out well. 8:30 we were ready to head home. Prayers and books for a bit. Then bedtime. Looking forward to a quiet day at home on Wed. One can only hope. :)



Vania said...

Wow! You had a very busy weekend and start to this week! It sounded like y'all had a great time, though. I think it is wonderful when families do things together. :) It is so important..especially now. :)

Karies place said...

Yep, it's good to do things with family, but once in awhile I just need to sit down and relax.