Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A bit behind

Well life has gotten a bit busy lately, and I just haven't felt up to posting. I was, up until now, posting in the mornings when ds R leaves for seminary but Mon morning I was just too tired and this morning again too tired. So I think I'm going to try and start posting in the evenings of the day.

To catch up, what happened on Fri. Since the whole week was full of non books, we just figured we'd continue that idea. The kids were getting some educational stuff since my dd's love to watch videos/dvd's from the library and they're all educational to some extent. Ds R needed to get his eagle done to a point where he can get it printed and his dad help with the presentation. Then, in the afternoon, a new friend from our homeschool group came by with her ds who is a bit older than my ds. But not by much. They seem to hit it off since they chatted for 2 hrs. The mom and I got along as well. They left about 4:30 and dh got home around 5pm. Ds R was going over to another friend's home to watch movies and snack. So since dh was not able to get out to do errands during the day he took the girls and I along to drop off ds and then we hit walmart.

Later on that evening I let the girls stay up and watch videos quietly. Dd S didn't make it past 10. Finally around 11:30 dh was wondering if ds R was going to call so we could pick him up. Turns out, after I finally picked up the phone at midnight, that they had told him it was going to be a sleep over and he forgot to mention this. No wonder he didn't call. Well, dh said he needed to come home so he left and arrived back home around 1am. I made dd N lay on the couch and go to sleep. Once the guys arrived home I put her to bed and then myself.

Saturday morning comes and due to the late night, everyone slept in except me. I had a couple of things I wanted to do before the household awoke. Dd S woke around 8:30 and had her chocolate milk for breakfast. Finally everyone woke up and got ready for the day. I told the kids we were going to go birthday shopping for dad around 11 so to be ready. Just as we were getting ourselves ready to head out, the doorbell rings. It was our Alderman from down the street. I open and greet him. He was responding personally to the letter ds R had written about 6 weeks ago in regards to his Citizenship in the community merit badge. He had thought he had written back, but when he came across the letter from ds R, he immediately felt bad and came to apologize in person. So that merit badge is now done. The alderman stayed and chatted for 45 min. What a nice guy. Ds R was smiling from ear to ear.

After he left we headed out to do some shopping for dh. Came home an hr later, ate lunch then headed down to the Chicago-Temple to do some church work. We were gone from 2:30- till 10:30. What a nice afternoon/evening and night. Kids all went to bed exhausted. They had stayed at one of the local church buildings to play while the parents did the church work.

Sunday morning comes and we're all still a bit tired. Dd N has a talk today in the young-women's program in church. We headed for church around 11:30 for dh's meeting. Church started at 1 and the girls did a great job. They were all a bit nervous, but spoke well. There was on young woman who did a speed job on her talk that we were all exhausted when she was done. WHEW lol.

After church we headed home for the evening. Ds R had a bishop's youth discussion. This is where the bishop(head of our congregation) chats with the young people ages 14-18 about Christ and the church and the gospel. This is his way of making sure the young people are doing good and understanding the gospel.

Came back home and got the kids ready for bed. Good day.

Mon was dh's bday. I had emailed him that he needed to come up with some ideas because I was out of 'em. We did our library stuff that morning, then headed to McD's for lunch. Headed to Target for an errand, Then went to the movie theater. Dd S had never been to one so I needed to explain to her about the darkness and the loudness. We saw Madagascar 2 (I think). She did really well, but once the movie was over with, wanted to get out really quickly. We then found an indoor miniature golf place and played for an hr. Then headed out for dinner.

Arrived back home around 7 to open gifts and have cake. Bedtime around 8:30 and mom and dad time.



.... said...

Busy! busy!!! No wonder you were tired!

Karies place said...

LOL yep. I don't mind having a few days where we're busy, but more than 3 in a row and my house starts to look neglected. lol