Thursday, October 2, 2008


This is the day that my friend, Lady-M , was going into the hospital to have her baby. Been waiting all day to hear of anything, but I'm guessing the family is very busy welcoming their little one to the family. He's been years in the making. So what did I do while I waited, had the kids to school. Here's our day.

It's a Wed so it's a bit harder to wake up ds R since he had gym on Tues and scouts that night. So his body has been given a real workout. But he does pretty good. Head downstairs to wait with ds R for dh to wake up. They leave and I jump online to see if my friend has left any notes. Nope.

Our morning is our normal routine so I won't spell it out
Devotional and started school. Everyone was pretty good about getting right to it. Made for a good morning. As time started approaching noon time the kids started slacking but that's normal. After lunch I told the kids that we still had more stuff to do. Ds R needed to get to work on his report getting it edited and such so he got started on that. I had the girls reading together for a bit. After a bit dd S wanted to do some online school games so dd N did some other stuff around the house. While "cleaning" she found some old photos and proceeded to look at them. They were of when she and ds R were much younger, like 7 or 8yr younger. Interesting to see how much they have grown both physically and emotionally. Ds R physically is 5 inches taller than me. His chin rests on my head. Dd N is almost as tall as me. Thankfully dd S still had a ways to go lol

Later on in the afternoon I proceeded to check my online sources to see if there was any word on my friend and her baby, nope. I'm guessing I probably won't until the weekend. Sure is hard waiting.

Eventually I started having the kids help clean up the house. The house inside didn't get cleaned up very good last week due to me being lazy and some of us just trying to get over colds. It's nice now that the older ones can do a lot more. Helps me not be to over whelmed and tired after wards. Ds R usually vacuums the school room since he eats in here a lot and leaves bread crumbs everywhere. But this time I also had him vacuum in the dining room since I was trying to get dinner started. We were having lasagne and he takes a bit of prep time. I was also trying to get laundry done and did most of it. I had ds R help pick up the carpet in the downstairs bathroom. It literally can be pulled up off the floor and washed in the washer. So far it's held up which is good since this carpet gets to smelling bad after awhile.

Close to dinner time and the house is looking better. I had sprinkled baking soda on the carpet to help with the smell a bit. Dh said he was smelling something so I figured we'd try to do what we could. I couldn't smell anything, but dh has an extra sensitive nose so that's why.

At one point I had ds R come out and help me bundle up the recylables since we had a lot from cleaning the garage on Sat. Got that taken care of and back to fixing dinner. Kids were excited mom was fixing lasagne once again. I told them it's not a summer dish since I have to turn on the oven which heats up the kitchen. During the winter that's perfect, but not summer. So our first lasagne of the fall season.

The rest of the evening was spent with the kids playing for a bit then watching some videos while snacking. Yes, my kids do seem to do that alot. But since they're very active I don't worry too much. As we're relaxing some of our neighbors are contacting dh due to a "game" they're playing together. It's what dh would call "fun" gambling. It's a friendly game of seeing who gets the closest to the game each week and thus winning the small bit of money(no more than $10 usually). I don't really agree but dh is an adult so I just let it be.

Bedtime comes and of course dd S isn't really thrilled. She's afraid she's going to miss something. Not sure what since the lights go out we're all asleep. She's just my go getter that would rather be outside playing than inside sitting around. That IS a good thing, but there are times when that's not possible. This winter should be interesting. Hopefully she'll still want to go out now that we have the new swingset. We'll see.


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