Friday, October 3, 2008

Another school day

I'm finding myself, at times, not sure what to title my posts. I don't think it's a major thing, but some days I have great titles and then there's the days when my mind draws a blank. Pretty much it was just another day so that's what I've decided to title this post. Although one really exciting thing did happen. My friend Lady M(on my side panel of friends) had her baby on Wed and emailed us all with the announcement on Thurs so that was exciting. Oh and my ds R is FINALLY getting his math. YEAH!! He's been struggling for weeks and getting most of them wrong. Until he finally remembered something him and his dad did a few yrs ago with Saxon math. So he spend several days doing example works so that if he got stuck on a problem he could go over to the example and figure it out. So glad to hear that. So when I corrected his math the last 2 days he's only missed 3 instead of 15 to 20.

And my friend did email and let me know she had her baby boy. He's 1 oz bigger than my dd S who was 8lbs 4oz. He's a cutie.

Well now that the highlights are posted I'll post a bit of what our day was like. Dh did his call and then left for work. I decided to start school around 9 so that the girls would have a bit of time to wake up. Not sure why they were so tired Thur morning, we really didn't do much on Wed. But whatever it was I found myself waking them up a bit after 8 so they could say bye to their dad.

After our devotional I let the girls play for just a bit, which meant we wouldn't start school until after 10. Well once we finally got started with school and such it was noon. So I've decided that regardless of how much time we get once dh is done with his call, we need to start as close to 8:30 as we can. If we do this then by 9:00 we can get school going and have several subjects in by 11 and then start to wind down by noon. We'll see how it goes.

The day went ok, we did have several moments of the girls coming down and ds R bugging them which results in dd N bursting into tears. Her growing ito a young woman is really a struggle for some of us. Ds R wants to goof with her like he's always done, and sometimes goof like he does with the scouts at church. I have to keep reminding him that he needs to be more gentle.

Eventually things settled and ds R helped me to get my website renewed. He's using a different system from what he was using. So we'll see what happens. By mid afternoon I decided it was time to get off the computer since I'd been on for over an hr. Did some dishes and laundry. The girls kept wanting to go outside but the wind was blowing a chilly cold air and so it meant they stayed inside more.

Dinner was chicken noodle soup, homemade. Ever since my friend showed me how easy it is to make, I've started making my own which is much better. After dinner for the kids, dh arrives home and says we need to head to Sam's club. Ok I get the kids ready and we leave. We were out of bread flour and dh, ds R and I love the homemade bread I make(or the machine in this case lol). So we head off to buy the flour and other stuff from Sam's.

We arrive home in time for the girls to settle watching a video. They've been watching signing videos lately and trying to sign with the kids or adults. Kind of fun to watch. Then bedtime so up we go for our nightly routine. While this is happening the Vice Presidential debate is happening. It's Senator Biden and Governor Palin from Alaska. She's good. I don't know much about him other than he has no clue what he's talking about. I'm not going to talk politics right now. It gets me all icky inside knowing that we don't have much choice right now. So this political talk has ended.

I put the girls to bed and relax for the evening. Dh is telling me that work for tomorrow (Fri) will be him in the "war" room making sure that this twice a year event, doesn't have major problems. This basically means he's not going to be able to respond to many, if any emails. So emergency problems will have to be called in. Thankfully he's not in charge of this problem so when it's time to come home he can come unless there's major stuff.


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Vania said...

Hi Karie!
I am glad that your ds is doing better in his math. Math was never my strong subject..LOL - I am glad that the internet provides great ways of helping us out. (or them, whichever way ya want to look at it. LOL)
I LOVE homemade chicken noodle soup! Ever since I was pregnant with my oldest (8), I haven't been able to even look at a can of it so it has been homemade ever since. LOL - it is better for us and tastes good! I also use the same recipe to make turkey soup at Thanksgiving!
Babies are so exciting!!! I am glad your friend delivered without much trouble. :)
Have a blessed week!