Friday, October 10, 2008

A very good day of school (mostly)

Ok we started our day on time,which is unusual lately. It was wonderful to end our devotional at 9:15 instead of 9:30 and today I told the girls there would be no playtime this morning. We need to get school work done so we have time to do other things. Then later on there would be playtime. Math for both kids went well. Ds R only missed 5 out of 22 so considering he normally has been missing 10 to 15 this was good! Dd N was finally getting some of the concepts so I was happy about that. After math dd N and I started working on her new spelling curriculum called
Sequential-Spelling . The program works where you start with the very basic word like "in" and add letters to it to spell new words. The idea behind it is the see that many other words are just as easy all you have to do is add one or 2 new letters. Dd N was doing great until she thought I had said one letter when I really said another one. Of course we had a melt down and unfortunately I lost it. I've been trying really hard to just walk away when she does this, but for some reason I just started arguing. NOT GOOD!

I finally did walk away when dd S kept trying to talk to me admidst all the loud voices. Ds R was trying to help out in the only way he knew how and that was to pick up dd S and talk with her about what was happening. But lately, she isn't having anything to do with that and only ends up getting mad and screaming at her brother. So now I have dd N crying and throwing a tantrum and dd S yelling at brother because he's trying to help her. Can't you say CHAOS!! I finally settled down myself and the kids saw and settled. Not one of my more finer moments. Dd N said she was ready to continue and so we did. I thanked ds R for trying but suggested that instead of trying to pick up dd S and talk, that he just stoop in front of her and ask for a hug. Well see. :)

Once we were done with that ds R was done with his math and as I said did much better, we started on history with Story-of-the-World We had several interruptions with dd S since she wanted to go play, but overall the kids liked it and rememberd what we read about. That was what was important to me, even dd S learned something.

Lunch was good and all the kids ate one time today for once. lol Usually our lunch time is scattered between 12 and 1:30. At 1:00 I told the kids we were going to do geography but when I saw the dd S needed to go outside I sent them for 30 min. Then we came inside for geography. That last 10 min maybe. Ds R was being lazy and pretending ot whack everyone. But he does it so hard that it hurts the girls. I finally stopped it and told the girls to go outside while ds R worked on editing his Eagle report. Eventually the chaos stopped for a bit and life settled.

Around 3 I told them we needed to go outside for a bit. I wanted the lawn cleaned off of sticks so ds R could mow. But they wanted to play for a bit so I let them. Eventually the lawn was cleared and I then send the girls inside to clean while ds R mowed. We mostly got everything done by dinner. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent with dinner then the kids outside playing while it was still light. The temps have been pretty nice lately so that's another reason to stay out and enjoy.

Around 7 I was inside doing dishes when the phone rang. It was our neighbor down the street who we helped with the block party, calling to give us the paper work for next yr party. She sat with dh and I and explained things and then we chatted for a bit. She's a very nice lady. I got to know her a lot better this summer while we worked together. Very busy mom, but aren't we all.

The rest of the evening was spent settling the kids down for bed. Did pretty good since they had been outside playing for quite a while. Even tucking dd S in for bed was easier than normal. But then ds R decides he needs to ask me some questions as I'm trying to leave. That doesn't help in getting the girls to sleep now. But I finally manage to leave and all is now quiet. :)


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Tandi said...

We're just waiting for now because there isn't really anything anyone can do about it. So if he tries talking to me or anything else again i just need to let him know he's way too old for me and i'm not interested and that he needs to leave me alone.