Friday, October 10, 2008

Camping for the weekend

I know I usually don't post in the evening but just had to make a quick comment. You know how the years go and you feel like you go wherever your kids go? Well, I think I'm finally getting past that point. My ds R has a scout campout(details to follow on Mon) so dh has taken him AND the girls with him so I have a quiet house for about an hr. I'm finding that this is slowly starting to happen where I'm allowed to stay home by myself. I don't mind it, in fact it feels pretty good. But, it also means that my kids are growing up and starting to do activities outside the home more. But that's life I guess. I relish the quietness in the mornings when I wake ds R up for seminary and the girls are still sleeping. Dh takes him so I get my online time. But I will miss it when the time comes for my kids to leave home. We've been homeschooling for 8yrs now and that means ALWAYS having them with me except the last yr or so. So I guess I will enjoy them being at home while I can because someday the house will be quiet a lot more.


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Vania said...

Hi Karie,
Yes, it does definitely mean that the kids are growing up. Isn't it funny how we can be happy & sad at the same time about that?!?!
I messed up my blog and have been busy trying to redo it. I will get your link onto my friends list shortly. :) I love reading your blog. I am amazed that you have so much to write about every day! :)
Have an awesome weekend!