Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not quite the day I was hoping for

The day started out like regular. Getting up with ds R for seminary and heading downstairs. After the routine of taking him and going to pick I head upstairs to shower. As I'm just finishing I hear dh whistle. That tells me he needs to talk to me or something is happening. I don't hear some voices well but I do hear the pitch of the whistle. So anway, it turns out the dd S wanted mommy to sit with while drinking her chocolate milk and not brother. So down I go still in my robe with hair in towel wrapped up. I sit with her and end up falling asleep for 45 min. Luckily I didn't need to go anywhere.

The rest of the morning was normal stuff. But once the devotional was over with the girls wanted to play. I have to admit that since dd S had not been feeling well that last 4 days I gave in and let them play. We did eventually do school but later than I like. Ds R was being a bit lazy with it and just wanted to talk. You know, I enjoy hearing what is on his mind. Especially since so many teens don't talk to their parents, but he seems to want to talk right after the devotional when he really should get his math done at least and then I'd be more willing. But I was also lazy and didn't push it until later.

So the morning was simply dd N doing her math and then we did some story-of-the-world reading. My kids are really getting into the history stuff now. I guess due to it's story form. We tried listening to the CD but it meant we couldn't be interactive so we've stuck to just reading. I know the kids are learning since we review the past chapter or two. Even dd S remembers things when she's actually listening lol.

Lunchtime came and the girls scattered lol. I sat for a bit getting some reading done. Then as I was sitting down getting ready to eat, the phone rings. It's a friend asking for a favor. No biggie.

The rest of the afternoon is spent cleaning up from the last few days. It's hard to clean up when a child is sick and all they want is for mommy to cuddle with them. So the house was looking pretty used up. Got laundry sorted and ready for washing. Got dishes stacked and soaking. Then I realize that ds R hasn't showered so I wait on using more water till he's done.

As the day progresses I'm trying to figure out in my mind what I can fix for dinner that's different. I finally decide to fix meatloaf without the bread. It was good, but since I'm shy about adding spices I under did it. At least the kids ate it so that was good. But when I sat down to eat I realized it needed some extra ump! So next time I make this I will know to add lots more stuff.

The rest of the evening was spent bugging daddy until I finally took over. Had the girls settle while watching some signing dvd's. Dd S is still unable to eat much since it still hurts her throat so she's been drinking lots of chocolate milk. But I think tomorrow I'm going to encourage some eating. She really needs to get food in her belly.


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