Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to normal

I titled this post "back to normal" and not because we are normal now lol but because dd S is back to feeling better. She told me yesterday that her throat feels better. I think it's still a bit dry, but she can now swallow most anything so the worst of the sickness is now gone.

My day started at, well, it never really ended from the day before. Due to dd S having the sore throat she wasn't feeling up to being really active so she wasn't all that tired. Close to 4am she got into bed with us(after waking up 2 other times earlier wanting mommy due to dry throat) and feel asleep. It woke us up since she's a wild sleeper. Around 5am I woke up and realized I could either fall back to sleep for 20 more min and have trouble staying awake or just getting up. Now because I'm a morning person I choose to get up. I left dd S there sleeping. Not wanting to get too personal here I had gone to the bathroom and when done opened the door and found dd S wide awake and waiting for me. I could've sworn I left her sleeping. So she accompanied me in waking up ds R for his seminary class. We then went downstairs and got her some chocolate milk. I think the reason for her wanting this so early is still not eating food. So she was hungry.

She thankfully feel back to sleep so I was able to shower after a bit. Eventually dh went to work and we did our morning stuff. As we were doing our devotional, I mentioned to the kids(during our announcement time) that my visiting-teachers (ladies from church who come in pairs to give a spiritual message once a month). were going to be coming later on in the morning. We then continued on with her morning. Around 11 my company came and we chatted. They left 20 min later and we resumed with school. (For some reason, blog spot didn't like that link I had with visiting teachers so that's the reason for the info in () ).

Lunch time and the kids are hungry. For some reason I'm famished and not sure why this feeling. I mean usually I'm hungry and such, but my stomach was really HUNGRY! So I quickly took care of the girls and then ate. What a weird thing to happen.

Around 1:30 I kicked the kids outside to play. It was a pleasant day with partially cloudy skies. Dd S hadn't been outside playing since last week and since her throat was no longer sore it was time for exercise and fresh air. They ended up raking some of the leaves for fun. I even sent ds R outside although he did keep coming in stating the girls didn't want him out there. I finally ended up going outside myself and realized the lawn needed mowing. Ds R groaned when I mentioned it but was grinning. So we all went out to the front lawn and proceeded to pick up the sticks that had fallen from the tree. Such a fun job. The girls eventually went back inside since dd S doesn't like the loudness of the lawn mower. Once he was started I came back inside, but it sure did feel good being outside in the fresh air. I won't feel like going outside too much more since I really don't like cold. I'm a person who likes 75 or warmer as long as the sun is out and now breeze. Otherwise it needs to be 80 then I'm good. Colder temps I'm starting to wear long sleeves. Although I did find that there were times this early fall that it would be low 7o's and I would still be in capris. Guess it was still muggy warm.

Once ds R was done with his part mowing, I took over doing the edging part and then took the lawn mower and blew the leaves and clippings back on to the lawn so the driveway and sidewalk would be cleaner. The vacuumer for sucking up the leaves had come through earlier and did do a lot of leaves, but we didn't get a chance to rake so we still had more. Ok well the mowing cleaned up a lot.

Dinner was a sort of chicken casserole. Nothing fancy just colored and fancy shaped noodles, big chunks of chicken and cream of chicken soup with lots of cheese. Something my kids love and it's good for them. I fixed toasted french toast for dd S since her throat was better. She resisted greatly at first, but once she realized mom wasn't backing down she ate it all. She was smiling when finished. I think her stomach was feeling better being full.

After dinner it was time for the kids to be outside again. I wanted to make sure dd S was really tired. I need my sleep and so does dh. Plus it gave dh and I a chance to chat about work WHILE the kids were up. Not something that happens often since dd S likes to "interrupt" with her important events lol.

Eventually it was bedtime. Dd S still resisted going to sleep but having been outside running around definitely helped. And as long as the weather stays nice we'll keep doing that.


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