Friday, September 12, 2008

Just a regular day

I'm sitting here trying to think if anything exciting happened yesterday. Nope, not really. It was just a regular normal day. The ONLY thing that would make it anything different was that dd N was able to say family prayer ON HER OWN! This is exciting since for the last several yrs, I haven't even tried getting her to say prayer. My BIG BAD (as my ds R would say). So when dh mentioned awhile ago that we work on it, I realized it needed to be done. The reason for the big deal is dd N is 12 and was refusing to say prayer even with my help. So finally about 2 or 3 months ago with my insistence, she finally decided it was time. Then about a week ago I decided that since ALL of us now can say prayers, that our family prayer will be someone different each night. So far so good. I was a bit concerned that dh would not want to, but when I asked him to start the week, he graciously did so. So last night it was dd N's turn, and even though she wasn't sure about it, I insisted that she do it and she did GREAT!! Dh even complimented her on it. I think it must have worked because later on that evening she asked if she could say it again the next night. lol We'll have to see since dd S still needs her turn.

Hmm I'm just realizing I'm ending this post without even having started yet lol. Well like I said earlier, not much really happened which is why I probably skipped to the last. Dh took his conference call at home and since the day before was a busy one for dd N, I choose to let her sleep in for a bit. After dh left for work around 8:30, I then went up and woke dd N up.

Normal morning stuff. After devotional was over I told the kids they could have 20 min to goof off and then school work. The main reason I did this is so dd S could have a little playtime with dd N. Then we got started. Ds R even got his math going without me harping on him. Of course, he still didn't complete the next lesson he was supposed to. Can't remember why, but something occured. Oh I think it was because my visitingteacher showed up (I had forgotten) and so ds R lost 30 min there since he needed to watch dd S. So I guess I shouldn't be too hard on him. As I'm sitting here typing this, I'm guessing something did happen. I'm just still in a state of "not-quite-awake-yet. I slept past my alarm, which I rarely do, and dh had to nudge me out of bed. I must have been really tired last night.

So once my visitor left, it was time for lunch so I just decided it wasn't worth it. There would be other things to do. So after lunch I realized that ds R has a merit badge he can do on his own with dh. This is writing a letter to a local government official and ask a question to him/her. This was supposed to be done at the block party, but our alderman (who has shown up at the last 4 block parties) didn't show. So ds R is having to write him a letter. So after lunch he did this. I also had the kids help with laundry, then write letters to grandma. I'm wanting the letter writing to be twice a month. So far we've been somewhat shaky in this, but I'm determined since she doesn't see us but once every few yrs and seems to have the first onslaught of Alzheimer's. I could be wrong but from the way my aunt talk, could be. So anyway, since the kids have met her several times recently I felt it the right thing to do is for the kids to tell her what is happening in their lives.

After the letter writing I told ds R to shower and the girls to go play. Not sure what all happened after wards. I do know I was having to wait until ds R was out of the shower so I could do dishes and get laundry started. Finally he was out so I was able to do chores.

Also during the later afternoon I was checking with dh to see about clothes shopping for the kids. We was ok with doing it after he got home, but once he arrived and sat down, he just looked so tired that we decided to give it a miss. Instead we'll try for this Sat with the girls while ds R is at his weekend camp out. That way we won't bore him with all that stuff. Then dh can take ds R another time and just get quick stuff for him. Ds R doesn't really care about what we get him as long as there is no pattern or anything bold. The girls like fun stuff so agreed with dh.

After dinner the kids went outside since they needed the exercise and it was getting dark early now. This is one of the reasons I really don't like this time of yr, it gets dark too early and then the kids can't get out their wiggles as much. So we're taking advantage of the light as much as possible.

Eventually it was time to head to bed, so we had our family prayer with dd N saying it, YEAH! And then put the kids to bed. I've been trying to get the kids to bed earlier so dh and I can get to bed earlier. Slow going, but it will work.


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Vania (JADsMama) said...

Hi Karie!!!
I love your new blog!!!
I am glad that your ddN started saying prayers. Sometimes that can be so hard to do out loud even with family. I am sure you are all proud of her!! :)
I hope you have a blessed weekend!