Friday, July 20, 2012

My weekly email from my missionary

I just received my weekly email from my son. He's doing better this week other than just being completely bored!  He has to sit in a classroom for most of the day learning sign language and only speaking it. Fun at first, but now he's just anxious to get going to Houston. 

I need to think of some things to send him to keep him occupied on his days off. Today the girls and I sent him and his companion some flexible paper dolls that look like missionaries. Just something silly to give to him. 

He sounds good and doing well. I'm looking forward to his next set of photos at the end of this month. It's always good to see his smiling face to know he's ok.

My girls are doing ok now.  My youngest was really struggling at night for awhile. Tears of missing her brother, so I finally decided it was time to start a siblings of missionary penpal list. I've discovered many other children who are missing their older brothers and need to talk with someone about it. I hope the group goes well.

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