Friday, July 13, 2012

A good day

The days are mostly getting better. Thur evening we dropped off my oldest dd at the church for a youth conference until Sat afternoon. Then dh and I took youngest dd shopping and home. Watched a movie until 10. All of us are tired. 

This morning I figured she would sleep until at least 9, but was up around 8. We had a quiet morning, then around 11 took her for her swim lessons. She loves them!  I'm very glad because she needs them. Came home for lunch, then went off to see if we could find her some sunday shoes. Nothing. Of course we really didn't look too hard. Then bought her and I a McFlurry as a treat. 

Oh it rained a bit today. Just enough to make small puddles on our driveway. Grateful for it, but could use a whole lot more. 

Got my weekly email from my missionary. Seems lots of people heard his plea for letters because he got a ton. I'm glad because he needs them to pass the time until he leaves for Houston. He sounded good and was able to greet one of his ym friends from church around dinner time. He tried to find him to pick him up on greeting day, but his timing was off. Oh well at least he got to visit.

Right now dd and dh are upstairs. Dh is keeping dd company while she hopefully goes to sleep. Big sister comes home tomorrow so it will be back to regular bedtime routine.

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